Blansat Real Estate


Blansat is a Real Estate Agency, founded in 2000, whose main objective is the tireless search of the property that each of our clients DREAM with having. The services offered are the Purchase, Sale and Rental of any type of home or property, including all the necessary management for the final achievement and ensuring the interests of both parties, seller and buyer.

Blansat has a different way of acting based on the promotion of optimism, the desire to grow, absolute transparency, social responsibility, and the full need for all its customers to be happy.


Blansat dreams and works hard every day to become a National Referent in the Real Estate Sector.


Throughout his intense history, Blansat has developed his work implementing from the first day a series of values that constitute its backbone. Through each of the different transactions made over the more than 15 years of its existence, it has demonstrated its transparency and trust, guaranteeing positive experiences at all levels.

The main values that make up this important backbone are:


Blansat believes that optimism and joy is one of the main attitudes that should be transmitted to the client, so he preaches by example. Our policy does not understand problems, only solutions, attitude that allows the achievement of any transaction.


It is another of the fundamental pillars of our company. We believe that everything has to be done with total transparency, ensuring that our customers know every detail of any document. In this sense we are 100% committed to the client and society


Blansat works hard every day to get the confidence of every client that interacts with us. We consider that we are not any agency, since our goal is not to win at any price. All those involved in an operation have to win, customers, society and us.


We guarantee that any document included in the management of transactions is and will be completely legal, without exception. This is a value implanted strongly in our personnel, at all levels of the organization


We are aware that we owe it to our clients, since they are the engines of this company, that is why all customers are treated in a special and exemplary way. We never lie. We prefer not to win instead of lying, and that is a principle marked by fire in any worker of our company.

Human quality

One of the main values of our company is human quality. We are aware that for the fulfillment of all the values described above, it is necessary that the people who are part of this project come every day with enthusiasm and with the greatest of their smiles. That is why the deal is not that of a conventional company, because here there are no bosses, but leaders, people who are followed voluntarily by their power of attraction.